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David’s Public Speaking:

Throughout David's career he always enjoyed public speaking.      

Examples of subjects covered include the brilliance of Admiral Nelson in celebration of Trafalgar Day, opinions formed through personal naval experiences which have included serving when women first went to sea in the Royal Navy during the 1990s and being a serving officer in aircraft carriers, frigates and the latest class of destroyers, the Type 45.

He developed talks specific to business covering how military leadership techniques could be applied to businesses and organisations to help them get the best from their people.  Following his diagnosis of cancer, he spoke about how cancer affected normal life and particularly how employers and managers could help support cancer patients in the work environment.

All talks were humorous, even in the darkest of contexts!

David was available to give these inspirational and thought provoking talks to companies, institutions, organisations and clubs. Any fee was donated to charity.

RIP David RIP David